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Иконки - InstantShift - Graphic Design Icon Set [PNG, SVG]

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Иконки - InstantShift - Graphic Design Icon Set [PNG, SVG]
Название: Graphic Design Icon Set
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Раздаваемый материал: Иконки

Разрешение файлов: 2135 x 2134
Формат: PNG, SVG

Бесплатные иконки в растре и векторе в 3-х вариациях (контурные, цветные, контурные цветные).
Автор: iShift Staff
Creating visuals directed at graphic designers comes with lots of pressure to be amazing.

This icon set will help you create amazing design-centered visuals with ease. These are perfect for infographics or educative websites about design, or for creating patterns to use on t-shirts and merchandising for designers.

About Graphic Design Icon Set
This icon set by Flaticon comes in both SVG and PNG versions to use easily in both web and print. All designs are scalable and can be color-customized easily to fit your brand or color palette. To make your designs even more attractive, we’ve included lots of vibrant colors. The icons are available in three different illustrative versions (flat, outlinear and linear color) for all your creative needs.

Download The Icons for Free!
By downloading this Icon pack, it is vital that you understood the following terms and conditions:

You can use this set on as many domain names as you wish. You may use them for your clients’ projects/websites. Number of projects is not limited.
You may not claim intellectual and exclusive ownership to any of the icons. Also you may not sub-license the original Icon pack and their individual files to and with anyone else, unless a specific license within the icons set states otherwise.
You may modify them. However, you may not modify and then resell.
You must give appropriate credit. Do not provide the direct download link nor upload this Icon pack onto other servers for your own share. If you want to share the icons, you can link back to this article page or location of this article.

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