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Next Limit RealFlow + C4D Plugin [En]

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Next Limit RealFlow + C4D Plugin [En]
Версия программы:
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Английский

Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: замена файлов

Системные требования:
Операционная система: Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, 10
Процессор: 64-bit Intel® или AMD® многоядерный
Оперативная память: 4 GB RAM мин (8 GB рекомендуется)
Дисковое пространство: 2 GB для установки
Видеокарта: Для визуализации на GPU требуется CUDA 3.0, OpenCL 1.1, 2 GB мин VRAM

RealFlow - это отраслевой стандарт для моделирования жидкости, быстрый и простой в использовании, он совместим со всеми основными 3D платформами для создания как безупречно крупных потоков, так и мелких потоков жидкостей быстро и легко! Программа лидер на мировом рынке в создании жидкостей и их анимации.
Dyverso Multi-Physics solver. Liquid, granular, elastic, and rigid materials are managed under the same solver framework.
The "Bitmap" emitter now shows the bitmap used for emission in the viewport.
Huge speed improvement in calculating the volume of interacting objects.
New parameter "Continuous Collision Detection" for the Dyverso solver. Thin objects are seen by the solver even when the time step is very small.
Dyverso solver speed and memory improvements:
GPU 3-8x (over CPU)
GPU CUDA 3x (over RealFlow 2015)
GPU OpenCL 3x (over RealFlow 2015)
CPU 2x (over RealFlow 2015)
Hybrido solver speed improvements: up to 2x faster with large scenes.
Hybrido solver memory improvements. Now the the grid creation mode has been removed as the grid creation mode is always sparse. This means a huge improvement in memory consumption in scenes where the "Dense" mode was used.
New, more realistic, way of generating Hybrido foam.
"Time Scale" option now affects all Hybrido secondary fluid emitters.
Huge speed improvement in calculating the volumes of interacting objects.
Completely OpenVDB-based workflow.
GUI and Workflow
New project management window with direct access to demo scenes and extended scene information.
New "Export" panel for nodes. Now it is possible to change the export options directly in the node export panel without going through the "Export Central" window.
Improvements on the parameters panel: a group of related parameters can be collapsed/expanded for better readability.
New "Pack and Go" tool. Create a zip file that contains all the external files needed by your scene. Advanced options to manage cache files and much more.
New functionality for parenting nodes in the "Nodes" panel.
Better support for 4K monitors.
New "Save incremental" option to save different versions of the same scene with different file names automatically.
Environment variables can now be used in many different parts of RealFlow where text is required. For instance in the preferences window for setting standard folders.
Possibility of disabling the saving of standard particle fluids and RealWave surfaces in the project file. This will speed up loading and exchanging project files.
New preview function with project thumbnails and descriptions.
Other Improvements and Novelties
New option in the "k Volume" daemon for using arbitrary objects to delete particles.
Removed bounded parameters in some daemons where the same functionality can be achieved using the falloff option.
The "Quick Access Tool" lets you browse through RealFlow's commands and tools by entering a name or a part of it.
Daemons with the falloff option now accept objects to calculate the falloff's shape.
A new "Particle Skinner" daemon lets you transfer particle positions to an object's vertices – great for Dyverso's new "Rigid" and "Elastic" materials.
Alembic files use the Ogawa backend; MD5 is still available on demand in RealFlow's preferences.
RealFlow 10's Alembic files are now compatible with Clarisse iFX.
We have changed our version scheme and went back to our former standard enumeration. The new version number is RealFlow 10 instead of RealFlow 2016.
New "Group" object. Now, group containers are objects and can be scaled, rotated and positioned as any other object. A group's children will be transformed as well.
Many, many bug fixes.
Features Added
RF-281 Particle-based fluids - DYVERSO Multi-physics solver.
RF-2379 Texture-based parameters - Possibility to modify texture based parameters from Python, C++ and graphs.
RF-2637 Export Central, File export - New "Export" panel for every node that allows for setting all the export parameters for that node.
RF-3668 User interface - New Tools->Select Command... option to show a popup to search and select RealFlow commands.
RF-3682 Parameters manipulation, Preferences - New parameter preferences option to hide the @ character at the beginning of some parameters.
RF-3694 Export Central - New search bar on top of the export central to filter the displayed elements.
RF-3695 Projects window - New Project window.
RF-3699 Scene Thumbnail - New 'Thumbnail' section in "Project Info" to configure and select an image to be used as thumbnail.
RF-3706 Nodes tree - From now on, the scene tree will represent the actual hierarchy of the scene, and the "Parent to" parameter will be no longer necessary.
RF-3759 K volume daemon - k Volume daemon new Shape parameter to select between Box, Sphere, Plane and Object modes.
RF-3774 Dyverso, Parameters manipulation - "Continuous Collision Detection" parameter.
RF-3775 Dyverso, Parameters manipulation - Group parameters in two different categories, "Collision" and "Interaction".
RF-3776 GFC->VDB tool - Tool to convert GFC files to VDB files.
RF-3777 General - New Save Incremental option in File menu to save the current scene incrementing its suffix number.
RF-3780 Preferences - New preference to avoid creating the default RealFlow scene tree.
RF-3781 FLW read/write, Preferences, Standard - Particles Emitter - New preferences setting to avoid embedding current standard particles in the FLW file.
RF-3782 FLW read/write, Preferences, RealWave - New preferences setting to avoid embedding RealWave geometry in the FLW file.
RF-3824 General - Possibility to assign tags to the scene in File->Project Info window.
RF-3873 Dyverso, Particle Skinner, Standard - Particles Emitter - New daemon "Particle Skinner", allows for objects to be skinned with particles.
RF-3897 Graphs - New SetMultiBodyTransformation graph node.
RF-210 Bitmap emitter, Dyverso - The bitmap should be displayed in the viewport.
RF-794 FLW read/write - Pack&Go for file scenes
RF-2603 Hybrido - The Hybrido solver improvements in speed and memory footprint.
RF-3611 General - Migrate to latest Qt 5 version.
RF-3621 File export - OBJ exported files should use the name of the RealFlow node instead of Nameless.
RF-3712 C++ API, Camera, Python API - Implement scene.setCurrentCamera() function.
RF-3719 Hybrido - The "GFC" cache format for Hybrido fields has been deprecated in favor of the "VDB" format.
RF-3720 Hybrido - Convert deprecated "GFC" files to "VDB" when opening old RealFlow scenes.
RF-3722 Hybrido - The caching of the VDB fields is now 7x faster.
RF-3739 General - Improve HiDPI display support.
RF-3753 Shelves - Daemons shelf now contains less entries. The remaining daemons are grouped in the "Other" submenu.
RF-3758 K collision daemon - Improved performance of K Collision daemon when linked to Hybrido nodes.
RF-3772 Node parameters window - New "Select members" button for Groups in Node parameter tab.
RF-3790 Grid Foam, Grid splash & Foam - Improved generation of foam from splash particles.
RF-3796 viewport - Zoom All and Zoom Selected should zoom all particles for Dyverso and Hybrido, and geometry for Meshes.
RF-3801 Export Central - Now it is possible to select multiple items in Export Central and right click on them to check/uncheck all and edit their path value.
RF-3820 User interface - Zoom Selected should keep into account the spline shape of spline type nodes.
RF-3821 Preferences - Possibility to use environment variables for paths in Preferences. The usage format is $(env_var_name) as in other RealFlow places.
RF-3834 Particle VDB Mesh - The "Radius" parameter is not required to be larger than the value of the "Polygon size" parameter multiplied by 1.5.
RF-3836 User interface -Clicking on the timeline brings you to the closest frame. Until RealFlow 2016 it was always clamped to the leftmost frame.
RF-3842 Preferences - New "Projects dialog" section in Preferences.
RF-3857 Dyverso, Fill object emitter - Objects used for emission in the Fill Emitter that are also linked (colliding) with the Domain where the Fill Emitter is creating the particles, are automatically ignored for collision.
RF-3858 Licensing - Demo licenses should be checked after any other type of licenses.
RF-3859 Command Line Version - New option to use RealFlowNode when sending a simulation to command line.
RF-3865 Alembic I/O - Add in the preferences the option to export Alembic files using Ogawa or HDF5.
RF-3874 Preferences - A new preference to let the user cache OpenVDB file on RAM right before writing it to disk.
RF-3882 General - Display size is stored separately for Points and Sphere display mode for Dyverso and Hybrido.
RF-3888 Graphs - New Get/SetCommandLineOptions graph nodes.
RF-3889 Graphs - New Get/SetDyversoSimulationOptions graph nodes.
RF-3890 C++ API, Python API - New Python and C++ setResetToInitialState() and isResetToInitialStateEnabled() functions.
RF-3891 C++ API, Python API - New setNumberOfThreads function for Python and C++.
RF-3892 C++ API, Python API - New Python and C++ functions to access all the scene simulation options. (150 functions)
RF-3896 Filter daemon - New "Reset Age" parameter for Filter daemon.
RF-3905 Retimer - Hybrido secondary emitters support for RPC files as source of interpolation for retimer.
RF-3931 C++ API, Python API - New getGeometryFilePath() function for MultiBodies in Python and C++.
RF-3932 C++ API, Python API - New isAlembic() function for Objects and MultiBodies in Python and C++.
RF-3933 Alembic, Python API - New experimental Python functions setAlembicOffset(), setAlembicSpeed() and setAlembicAnimationType() for Objects and MultiBodies.
RF-3937 Particle Skinner - Vertices that don't have controlling particles keep their latest known position and are not moved to the (0,0,0) position.
RF-3942 Dyverso emitters - When using the volume mode the speed parameter is used.
RF-3955 Alembic - Export the mesh weights channels to alembic.
RF-3957 Retimer - Possibility to use Alembic files as input and output for retiming of standard fluids.
RF-146 Object emitter, XML import/export - Object Emitter in vertex or faces mode does not export the selection
RF-156 General - Maximum number of threads is 128
RF-157 General - BDC files are not interchangeable between machines with different endianness.
RF-158 General - FLW files are not interchangeable between machines with different endianness.
RF-160 General - Scene Animation.SD doesn't hold new objects created during the simulation.
RF-300 Hybrido fluids - Proxy files cannot be exported with the GridDomain on cache mode
RF-333 XML import/export - Initial State for objects cannot be reused when exporting scene as XML because it is embedded into the .FLW file.
RF-514 Caronte - Interaction with planes is not good
RF-562 Grid splash & Foam, Grid wet & Foam - Mist can't be created for Splash&Foam and Wet&Foam nodes.
RF-1330 Commands - Commands organizer should accept graphs
RF-1568 Caronte integration, Hybrido - A node of type HY_Domain in cache mode doesn't affect neither rigid nor soft body objects.
RF-1574 C++ SDK - The maxwell related SDK functions that are now available in Python are not available in C++.
RF-1735 Maxwell Integration - RealFlow crashes during Maxwell voxelization when memory is exceeded
RF-1988 Graphs - FieldSave node cannot save several fields inside a single file. Unlike FieldRealLoad.
RF-2169 FLW read/write, User interface - The options to hide/show the nodes of the scene from the menu "View->Show" are not saved with the project.
RF-2170 FLW read/write, User interface - The option "Selection Highligthing" from the menu "View->Show" is not saved with the project.
RF-3328 XML import/export - Text geometry cannot be exported on XML.
RF-3810 Color plane daemon - Color Plane daemon doesn't have any resources in the "Export" tab.
Fixed Bugs
RF-1694 Alembic - "Normal facing" value is not applied for an imported animation objects in Alembic format.
RF-2534 Dyverso, Linear emitter - The Length parameter for the linear emitter doesn't work properly
RF-3249 User interface - Display particles as spheres isnt working on orthographic views
RF-3548 Camera - Undo of moving a camera in the viewport sets the camera transformation in an undefined state.
RF-3618 Hybrido - When using HYBRIDO for scenes where the geometry is huge RealFlow might crash because reaching the limits of the maximum allowed number of cells for the friction field.
RF-3619 Maxwell Integration - Display performance of MXS referenced scenes containing many objects (hundreds) is really slow.
RF-3622 Maxwell Integration - Render dialog output filename should preserve the references to scene variables like SCENEDIR.
RF-3624 Dyverso, Vortex daemon - The paremeter "Bounded" seems to be not working with DYVERSO fluids.
RF-3633 Dyverso, Vortex daemon - The transformation of the daemon is ignored. The force is always computed as if the daemon was positioned at (0,0,0).
RF-3634 Alembic, Graphs - It is not possible to apply a displacement in a graph to an Alembic mesh read with MeshLoad graph node.
RF-3635 Hybrido mesh integration - The parameter UVW Mapping Top projection average is not working for Hybrido Mesher when the Hybrido domain is in Sparse mode.
RF-3636 Curve Editor - It is not possible to open the curve of two parameters when one is partially the name of the other. For instance: "@ Speed" and "@ Speed variation"
RF-3637 Parameters manipulation - Locked parameters do not work properly with Spline nodes.
RF-3638 Node parameters window - Selecting a parameter of certain panels does not deselect the current selected parameter in a different panel.
RF-3665 User interface, XML import/export - Members of a group nested inside another group do not have buttons on the right side of the scene nodes list, when imported from XML.
RF-3669 Grid Foam - 'Create foam particles from image' crashes very often. At least under Mac OS X.
RF-3670 Alembic, XML import/export - Objects imported from Alembic files are not properly exported on XML.
RF-3690 C++ SDK, Graphs, Python SDK - scene.message() function in Python and C++ does not work properly and may crash when the % character is included in the string.
RF-3693 Particle mesh (Renderkit) integration, Particle VDB Mesh - RealFlow crashes when trying to display the vorticity channel with a ParticleMesh or ParticleMesh_VDB node.
RF-3713 C++ SDK, Python SDK - The SDK functions "getNeighbors()" and "testPositionForParticleInsertion()" assume that the incoming position is given according to the current axis setup, which is wrong.
RF-3715 Stitcher - Stitcher crashes on command line when stitching mesh files.
RF-3721 Stitcher - Stitcher crashes when all input frames are ignored. This usually happens with frame number 0 of RealFlow meshes.
RF-3724 Hybrido - RealFlow crashes when the Property to display for a Hybrido Domain node is "Splash/Foam emission" and the "Display type" is "Arrow".
RF-3737 Dyverso emitters, XML import/export - Dyverso emitter parameter curves are not exported in XML files.
RF-3741 Alembic, Graphs - ParticleLoad graph node does not work with Alembic files from Dyverso simulations.
RF-3752 Node cloning - "Show icon" parameter is not preserved when duplicating a daemon.
RF-3755 Multibody, OpengGL general visualization - If isosurface is displayed for a MultiBody, object wireframes are shaded as well.
RF-3756 Multibody - Isosurface preview for multibodies may not be created with the proper default parameters if none of the Volume parameters has changed.
RF-3761 Dyverso, Python API - Dyverso fluid explodes when removing particles with Python in a totally different region of the fluid. (See attached scene)
RF-3762 Crown daemon, Dyverso - Crown daemon force is applied again when the simulation is resumed for Dyverso fluids.
RF-3764 Alembic I/O - RealFlow crashes in many cases when trying to write an Alembic file in a non-writable location.
RF-3771 Texture-based parameters - Parameter texture form let's the user type minimum and maximum values that are bigger than the actual parameter limits.
RF-3779 Hybrido fluids - Bounded and position force based daemons are not affecting lonely particles when the option "Track Lonely Particles" is active in the HY_Domain node.
RF-3783 Graphs - StringWriteToFilePath graph node is evaluated several times if more than one output is connected, and appends a garbage character at the end.
RF-3784 Parameters manipulation - Clicking on the viewport while editing a text parameter changes scene selection and does not commit its new value.
RF-3785 Parameters manipulation - Clicking the Esc key during a text parameter edition does not cancel it.
RF-3786 Parameters manipulation - Pressing return key while editing a text parameter applies its new value but does not finish the edition.
RF-3787 Hybrido secondaries - "Time Scale" option is not working with Hybrido secondary emitters.
RF-3789 Dyverso emitters - Emission is not correct because "Time Scale" parameter is not considered.
RF-3794 Hybrido - Initial state is not loaded and not used when the scene is loaded and the time line is positioned at the beginning of the simulation.
RF-3795 Dyverso - Initial state is not loaded and not used when the scene is loaded and the time line is positioned at the beginning of the simulation.
RF-3799 Node cloning - Local/Global axis transform mode is not copied when a node is cloned.
RF-3800 Graphs - GetNodeBoundingBox graph node does not work with Dyverso domains.
RF-3809 Spline emitter - Spline Emitter does not duplicate its curves.
RF-3811 Preferences - If preferences dialog is opened and accepted, FPS preferences value is set to the current scene FPS.
RF-3812 DSpline daemon - Displaying the indexes of DSpline control points changes their circle colours to yellow.
RF-3813 Hybrido - Duplicating a Hybrido emitter does not duplicate properly its velocity parameters.
RF-3814 Parameters manipulation - Trying to remove a gradient parameter color knot removes the selected RealFlow nodes instead.
RF-3815 Parameters manipulation - Trying to remove a spline parameter control point removes the selected RealFlow nodes instead.
RF-3816 Parameters manipulation - Trying to remove a VDB volume filter from a mesh removes the selected RealFlow nodes instead.
RF-3819 Dyverso emitters, Spline emitter - Spline emitter should not emit particles where CP Velocity is 0.0
RF-3823 Undo/redo - Sometimes undoing a transformation of a node resets its value to the default instead of the previous one. Especially for cloned or just loaded nodes.
RF-3826 Objects - When loading a scene, there is no error message when the texture of an object is missing.
RF-3827 Camera - Creating a camera when another one is already active copies all the parameters except the resolution.
RF-3828 Hybrido - There are gaps with no particles if more than one emitter is used and they have intersecting volumes.
RF-3830 Maxwell Integration - Rendered geometry may appear corrupted if motion blur and MXS export are enabled at render time.
RF-3831 Maxwell Integration - Meshes may display artifacts during render if motion blur is enabled and recalculate normals is disabled for them.
RF-3833 Maxwell Integration - On Render dialog, enabling the channels Object ID, Position, Roughness, Frensel, UV and Reflectance do not enable their format parameter.
RF-3838 General - Loading a scene with a screen texture assigned does not enable the Show Screen Texture option on open.
RF-3839 Alembic - RealFlow crashes randomly when simulating in GUI and in the scene there are some objects from alembic files.
RF-3840 Projects window - It is possible to drop a RealFlow file or XML file on the viewport while projects dialog is open.
RF-3843 Crown daemon - The value of the parameter "Simulation" is not applied for the Crown Daemon when the scene is loaded for the first time.
RF-3848 General - Grid UV placeholder image path is not properly set on Mac version.
RF-3852 Copy transformations utility - Copy transformations does not propagate the transformation to the parented nodes if the parent has been modified.
RF-3856 OpengGL general visualization - Renaming a camera while it is being used in a viewport does not update the viewport camera caption name.
RF-3860 Command Line Version - RealFlow crashes when running in console mode in Windows when the window is closed.
RF-3864 Export Central - Clean option does not work on some Export Central entries like preview frames or Maxwell scene files.
RF-3866 Dyverso, gpu - RealFlow crashes when a project using GPU-CUDA is simulated in hardware where the minimum requirements for using GPU-CUDA are not met.
RF-3881 Grid splash, Node cloning - Cloning a splash node does not update the box of the new splash.
RF-3894 General - Reset to Initial State and Simulate in command line flags remain enabled after creating a new scene.
RF-3898 Create array utility - Create Array tool has different results when creating regular objects and multibodies.
RF-3899 Dyverso, Standard - Particles Emitter - Frame 0 is not loaded when a standard or dyverso node is in cache mode.
RF-3900 Command Line Version - A simulation that has been previously locked may appear locked in command line render messages.
RF-3901 General - VDB meshes info is missing in Scene Info section.
RF-3902 RealWave Crest splash - RealWave Crest Splash node is using the generic RealWave icon instead of its specific one.
RF-3904 FLW read/write - RealFlow crashes when a scene is loaded where an object from a SD file imported as MultiBody was set to be a soft body.
RF-3910 Copy transformations utility - Copy Transformations does not work with RealWave as target.
RF-3911 Export Central - Export MXS and Arnold files state is not reset when a new scene is created.
RF-3914 Alembic, Multibody - When a multibody with animation is created from an alembic file the frame loaded is always the starting frame even though in the time line we are in a different frame.
RF-3915 Node cloning - Cloning a MultiBody node does not duplicate Maxwell material shininess and roughness parameters.
RF-3916 Node cloning - Render related parameters are not duplicated when cloning a Hybrido Domain.
RF-3917 Node cloning - Render related parameters are not duplicated when cloning a Dyverso Domain.
RF-3918 Node cloning - Cloning a Standard Emitter node does not duplicate Maxwell material shininess and roughness parameters.
RF-3919 Node cloning - Render related parameters are not duplicated when cloning a Hybrido Secondary Emitter.
RF-3920 Import objects - When a project is being loaded and an OBJ object is missing, the displayed path is not the original path where the file should be found.
RF-3921 General - It is possible to trigger RealFlow shortcuts during RealFlow initialization.
RF-3922 Alembic - RealFlow crashes when using alembic files where topology is changing. Only when the number of vertices decreases over time.
RF-3923 Fill object emitter, Standard - Particles Emitter - Particles from a Fill Object standard emitter can't be selected.
RF-3924 Alembic, Undo/redo - Undo/Redo actions for transformations are broken for objects imported from alembic files when they have been converted from "File" to "Curve".
RF-3925 Daemons Falloff, Node cloning - Daemons with the "Keep falloff parented" parameter disabled are not cloned properly.
RF-3928 Dyverso, Maxwell Integration - Dyverso particle UVs are not being taken into account when rendering with Maxwell.
RF-3929 Node parameters window - Texture Gizmo panel appears in the Display section instead of Daemon.
RF-3935 Python API - Accessing Dyverso particles through Python may result in memory leaks.
RF-3943 Graphs - ParticleFilterByVolume graph node always crashes RealFlow.
RF-3946 Spreadsheets - Spreadsheet crashes very often on opening for MultiBodies.
RF-3947 Alembic - Alembic files from Cinema 4D are not creating the right geometry and transformations.
RF-3950 Maxwell Integration, Multibody - For Maxwell Render, MultiBody nodes are generating as many identical materials as objects they contain.
RF-3952 Camera - Saving a scene when an orthographic view is enabled corrupts the default perspective position.
RF-3954 Camera - A parented camera where the target is set to follow an object is not keeping the target when the parent is transformed.
RF-3958 Retimer - Retimer for Dyverso fluids only interpolates position and velocity. The rest of the channels are empty.
RF-3959 Maxwell Integration - Maxwell Fast Preview crashes if HDR environment file is not found.

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All world will burn
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Установил на Cinema r17, но в списке плагинов его нету, потом перенес плагин в каталог %appdata% и все равно не видит.
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Странно, но почему-то пишет, что нет диска при запуске. Игнорю это сообщение и все запускается все-равно. Так и должно быть?
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Установил на Cinema r17, но в списке плагинов его нету, потом перенес плагин в каталог %appdata% и все равно не видит.

Та же беда, не видит плагин :(
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r 18 не видит плагин, плагин 2014 года установил заработал, экпорт и импорт работает
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Кто-нибудь сталкивался с проблемой лечения, когда у вас имя пользователя/администратора компьютера на русском языке? Выползает ошибка, что файлы не могут быть скопированы и показывается путь, где как раз имя заменено ромбиками с "?" знаком. Как это можно решить? не переустанавливать же заново винду и менять имя на латиницу.
Salarmael ®
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Ничего добавлять или переустанавливать при этом не понадобится.

All world will burn
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А кто-нибудь сталкивался с тем, что программа работает медленнее и нестабильнее в отличае от предидущей версии? Может есть какая-нибудь хитрость?

Слишком дикий, чтобы жить; слишком редкий, чтобы умереть. Хантер С. Томпсон
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Установил на Cinema r17, но в списке плагинов его нету, потом перенес плагин в каталог %appdata% и все равно не видит.

Та же беда, не видит плагин :(

Потому, что плагин нужно ставить не в %appdata%, а в папку синемы
C:\Program Files\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R18\plugins\NextLimit
Стаж: 4 мес. 9 дней
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Выберите "I have a Node-Locked license" и подставьте lic файл

Вот это вот что за чепуха? Куда его подставлять? Программа не рабочая.
 !  Примечание от Casper1313:
Видимо намёков вы не понимаете.
5.7. Запрещены неаргументированные отрицательные комментарии в отношении релиза...
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Господа! Так кто нибудь подскажет как файл лицензии подставлять?
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Какая то проблема с вот с этим пунктом
Выберите "I have a Node-Locked license" и подставьте lic файл
посмотрите скрин может кто знает как можно решить эту проблему ?https://yadi.sk/i/t7WB_fy53GdyCf
Salarmael ®
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Какая то проблема

У вас пользователь введен кириллицей, поэтому видна абракадабра в сообщении
Плюс сообщает, что у вас нет прав доступа к каталогу (нужен запуск от админа)

All world will burn
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плагин появился http://c2n.me/3JskWQT импорт экспорт отсутствует( , как это лечить?
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тоже не появился плагинчик в cinema4d r17. хоть у кого-то поставился на синему r17?
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