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King Crimson - Teatro Toniola, Mestre Venice, Italy (1995) 2010 [FLAC|Lossless|tracks] <Progressive rock>

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King Crimson - Teatro Toniola, Mestre Venice, Italy (1995) 2010
Дата: May 4, 1995
Жанр: Progressive rock
Издание: DGM
Продолжительность: 01:46:42
Кодек: FLAC
Битрейт: Lossless
Тип рипа: tracks

Adrian Belew – Guitar, Voice, Words
Bill Bruford – Acoustic and Electronic Percussions
Robert Fripp – Guitar
Trey Gunn – Touch Guitar, Voice
Tony Levin – Basses, Chapman Stick, Voice
Pat Mastelotto – Acoustic and Electronic Percussions
There are some nights when the energy flows within Crimso and this gig is certainly one of those. Vrooom though to Dinosaur seem to be possessed of a glowering intensity that one wonders how they will be able to sustain such power. The answer is to dial things down a little with the inclusion of an elegant rendition of One Time.

B’Boom and Thrak reconnect Crim to some tumultuous forces including Adrian’s patented power-drill noise generator, Levin’s prowling bass and a brief but nonetheless laser-guided solo from Trey Gunn of the kind he would throw about during ProjeKct 2. Within the space of only a few minutes all kinds of musical landscapes are created and regenerated amidst the ever-changing turbulence.

Bruford’s encyclopedic brand of rhythmic interventions has him adding some ride and rimshot work to the playout on People that that wouldn’t be out of place on Miles Davis’ In A Silent Way. Belew’s sliding solo also adds to the magic and it’s almost impossible not to see his undoubtedly grinning face whilst listening to this section.

Though Discipline was tried out during the soundcheck, the band decided to leave it off the set list and we can enjoy its polar opposite Indiscipline, made all the more special by inclusion of a sonic detonation that sees Adrian vainly attempting to rein in his laughter. The same cannot be said for another member of the band heard delivering a hearty belly-laugh at the unexpected moment. An especially demonic solo from Fripp provides a hair-raising conclusion.

Oh, LTIA will singe your eyebrows so make sure you’re standing well back when listening to this gig - the idiosyncratic mix on this one reveals some zapping exchanges between Gunn and Fripp.

The band receive a deservedly rousing reception at the end of the concert, mirroring the applause sent in their direction by all six members of the band after they’d stepped up mid-stage. And who’s that very happy guitarist saying Yo! at the top of his voice?
Время раздачи: 19:00 - 24:00 (до появления первых 3-5 скачавших)
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