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Проекты - BlueFX - Business Explainer Pro Bundle [AEP]

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Проекты - BlueFX - Business Explainer Pro Bundle [AEP]
Название: BlueFX - Business Explainer Pro Bundle
Официальный сайт: BlueFX
Тип проекта: After Effects
Формат: AEP

Business Explainer Pro Bundle - используя эту коллекцию анимации, вы можете создать весьма привлекательную историю о бизнесе и продукции вашего клиента.

- Version CS5 and above
- Full HD Resolution (1920x1080)
- No Plugins Required
- Video Training Guide Included
- Sound FX Included
- 43 Animated Avatar Icons - Add these hand-drawn characters so that viewers can relate to your explainer video
- 98 Animated Office Items - Items that can be found in a modern office, such as stationery, cupboards and desks
- 80 Animated Business and Money Icons - Use these to represent money, profits and growth
- 51 AnimatedDoc-Web-Simbol Documents, Symbols and Web Icons - Thoughts, ideas and digital content can be represented using these animated icons
- 23 Animated Icons Representing Hands Holding Objects - Connect your animated avatars to different objects using these icons
- 37 Animated Icons Representing Buildings and Plants - All kinds of buildings are represented, including homes, offices and factories
- 33 Animated Ribbons and Sales Labels - Promote your guarantee and offers with these icons
- 167 Arrows, lines, speech bubbles and containers - Connect different parts of your explainer video using these animated icons
- 21 Animated Icons of Household Appliances - These are appliances you’d find in a typical home
- 41 Science related icons - Use these when you’re talking about science and research
- 11 Beginner Safe Video Tutorials - These step-by-step video tutorials will show you how to create your own explainer video in minutes
- 2 Premade Animation Stories - The “Mask Web-design” Story and the “Total Control App” presentation, which you have seen in the preview video is also included. You only need to change the text and your explainer video is ready

- FREE BONUS #1 – “Online Marketing” Premade Story Template:
This fully animated After Effects template is built for online business presentations
You can change all of the text images and even the background colors
It integrates with the Business Explainer Template, and you can easily switch any of the animated icons

- FREE BONUS #2 – A Collection of 300 Sound Effects:
You can use any of these 300 sound effects in your explainer videos, free of charge and royalty free


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