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ESOS - Enterprise Storage OS 1.3.6 [x86-64] 1xUSB

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ESOS - Enterprise Storage OS 1.3.6 [x86-64] 1xUSB
Название: ESOS - Enterprise Storage OS
Версия: 1.3.6
Последняя версия ОС: 1.3.6
Официальный сайт: http://www.esos-project.com/
Ссылка на официальный релиз: http://download.esos-project.com/pkg_list.php
Архитектура: x86-64

Лечение: не требуется

Системные требования:
ESOS will run on any x86-64 platform; a 64-bit capable CPU is required (eg, AMD64 / Intel 64). SCST, the core of ESOS, is fully multi-threaded with complete SMP support, meaning the more sockets/cores you have, and the faster your CPUs, the more IO that can be processed.

Enterprise-grade server hardware is definitely recommended for your ESOS disk array. Obviously redundant power supplies, multiple HBAs/HCAs/NICs, fault-tolerant RAID back-storage, memory sparring/mirroring, etc. should all be must-haves for production deployments.

In addition to the above, the following are required to run ESOS:

At least 4 GB of usable, physical RAM.
A USB flash drive that is at least 4 GB.

Enterprise Storage OS® (ESOS®).
Enterprise Storage OS® is a quasi Linux distribution based on the excellent SCST project; its purpose is to provide SCSI targets via a compatible SAN (Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, iSCSI, FCoE). In a nutshell, ESOS® can easily turn a server with the appropriate hardware into a disk array that sits on your enterprise Storage Area Network (SAN) providing sharable block-level storage volumes. Typical uses for an ESOS® "storage server" include VMFS datastores on VMware ESX/ESXi, Windows NTFS volumes, Linux disks, etc.
Here are a few of the core ESOS® features:

[*]Commercial ESOS® support and GUI/API management software options are available.
[*]A high performance, purpose-built (appliance like) Linux base built from scratch, with no relation to other Linux distributions.
[*]ESOS® is memory resident -- it boots off a USB flash drive, and everything is loaded into RAM. If the USB flash drive fails, ESOS® will send an alert email, and you can simply build a new ESOS® USB flash drive, then replace the failed drive and sync the configuration.
[*]Kernel crash dump capture support. If the ESOS® Linux kernel happens to panic, the system will reboot into a crash dump kernel, capture the /proc/vmcore file to the esos_logs file system, and finally reboot back into the production ESOS® kernel -- all automatically. ESOS® sends an email alert on system start-up and checks for any crash dumps.
[*]Two operating modes: Production (default) & Debug. With "Production" mode, the performance version of SCST (make 2perf) is used. If you find you're having a problem and not getting sufficient diagnostic logs, simply reboot into "Debug" mode (full SCST debug build, make 2debug) and get additional log data.
[*]Enterprise RAID controller CLI configuration tools. Popular RAID controller CLI tools are an optional install with ESOS® (eg, LSI MegaRAID, Adaptec AACRAID, etc.) which allows configuration (add/delete/modify) of volumes / logical drives from a running ESOS® system.
[*]ESOS® is compatible with most popular enterprise RAID controllers and Tier-1 server hardware. It currently supports the following front-end target types: Fibre Channel, iSCSI, InfiniBand (SRP), Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
[*]A text-based user interface (TUI) that provides an easy to use interface with convenient storage provisioning functions; see how it looks on the 02_Screenshots wiki page.
[*]Clustering / high availability (HA) components: Pacemaker + Corosync + DRBD
[*]Create advanced back-end storage block device configurations using Linux software RAID (md) and Logical Volume Manager (LVM2).
[*]Create virtual tape libraries (disk based) that can be used on your Storage Area Network (SAN). Works with popular software solutions such as Symantec NetBackup, Symantec BackupExec, EMC/Legato NetWorker, Bakbone Netvault, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), and Bacula. Support for VTLs in ESOS® is made possible via the mhVTL project.
[*]Inline data de-duplication using lessfs; includes support for encryption and compression using QuickLZ, Google's Snappy, or LZO.
[*]Support for Linux Ethernet bridging and NIC bonding (EtherChannel).
[*]Software-based block layer cache solutions: bcache, dm-cache/lvmcache, and EnhanceIO.
[*]Tiered storage devices with automatic migration and "smart" placement of data chunks via the BTIER project.
[*]Support for using Ceph RBD images as back-end storage devices.
[*]Advanced Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) support: ESOS® includes the fcst "software" FCoE target driver, and has the ability (build options) to support Emulex OCS FCoE CNA.
[*]The advanced ZFS storage subsystem is supported as a build option (via the ZFS on Linux project).
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