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Звуковые библиотеки - Epic Stock Media - Christmas & Holiday Sound Effects Library [WAV]

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Christmas & Holiday Sound Effects Library
Официальный сайт: Epic Stock Media

Раздаваемый материал: Sound FX
Формат: WAV

Christmas & Holiday Sound Effects Library - В этот праздничный сезон эльфы были заняты в мастерской звуковых эффектов Epic Stock Media. И как раз к Рождеству они превзошли самих себя, создав новую блестящую библиотеку звуковых эффектов Рождества и Новогоднего праздника. Это полная коллекция звуковых эффектов Рождества и зимних праздников, которая идеально подойдет для видео YouTube, игр, домашнего видео, фильмов, игр приложений, подкастов, театральных представлений, поясняющих видеороликов или любой мультимедийной продукции.
Профессионал или новичок, звукорежиссер или любитель смогут сэкономить свой арсенал времени и сразу повысить качество любой продукции. Звуки колокольчиков, озвучки Санта-Клауса и персонажей, рождественские волшебные звуки, свисты и переходы, полет саней Санта-Клауса, звук огня и камина, игрушки и упаковка подарков, украшение деревьев и фоновые зацикленные панорамы. Более 900 звуковых эффектов, петель и разработанных звуков. Все готово к использованию и распаковано из праздничной коробки, предварительно смешано и протестировано.

- 942 mixed and mastered audio files
- Формат WAV 16-bit | 44.1 kHz | 1411 kbps | PCM
- 244 scripted dialogue lines (voiceovers) from Santa Claus, Old Lady, Drunk Santa and Child/Elf like, “merry christmas, happy holidays, seasons greetings to all” and much more
- 196 angelic chimes, bells, tinkles, clings, blings, sparkles, glistens, from sleigh bells, wind chimes, glockenspiels, jingle bells & more
- 75 game sounds like ice break, bell notifications, coins, awards, positive magic chimes, treasure sparkles & more
- 43 holiday spirit filled loops like fireplace, frosty winter wind, jingle bell loops, coffee shop, street festival, mall with kids playing & more
- 80 high quality present Foley sounds like wrapping, open box, handling paper, tape, ribbons etc.
- 122 fun filled toy cranks, dinosaur movements, winds, hums, spins, whistles, shakes, slinky, toy car, & more
- 74 Christmas tree Foley sounds, decorations, handling ornaments, garland, beads, presents, perfect for setting the holiday scene.
- 108 joyful whooshes & seasonal themed transitions like Santa’s sleigh pass-by, icy gust of wind whooshes, magic bells & so much more!

Think of all the time you’ll save with Christmas & Holiday Sound Effects Library from Epic Stock Media
No need for camping out on Christmas Eve trying to lure Santa with milk and cookies, just to get some sounds of ole St. Nick.
Much faster than setting up a recording studio in your home and putting microphones on your rooftop to capture Santa Claus and his reindeer fly by. Much safer too… and by the way, we used Sennheiser 416, AT4033a and Earthworks M30 microphones for all recordings at a 192k sample rate. That would set you back a few grand by itself!
Less expensive than paying a dozen elves from the North Pole to come to your studio to make toy sounds and ring endless jingle bells. (Honestly, that was a little annoying for us.)
If you’ve ever tried to record Christmas Magic… well, you know it’s nearly impossible.
T’was the Night Before Deadline
T’was the night before deadline and all through the night
Your stress was increasing your sounds we’re not right
Mic cables were hung but the session sounds bad
Til Epic Stock Media good sounds did you add!

Christmas & Holiday Sound Effects for Creating Engaging Audio Experiences
Enjoy a complete collection that will take your holiday scenes from the mundane and stale to a magical holiday celebration in sound. Sounds of Jingle Bells, sound of sleigh bells, wind chimes, Santa Claus and character voiceovers, Christmas magic sounds, whooshes and transitions, Santa’s sleigh fly-bys, sound of fire and fireplace sounds, toys and wrapping presents, garland hanging, beads and bell movements, pick-ups and set-downs, sound of packages opening, paper crumples, sound of curling ribbon, tree decorating and background loops and if you listen closely, you’ll even hear Santa Clause after he’s had a few too many at the pub!

Christmas & Holiday Sound Library includes over 900 sound effects, loops, source and designed sounds. Premixed and mastered, everything is ready to use out of the box (RTU-OTB). Just drag and drop into your project. We’ve even included multiple sound file formats.

Now you can deck the halls of your sound productions with a winter wonderland of sound. Unwrap Christmas & Holiday Sound Library this season and you won’t need to stay up all night searching for some illusive Christmas magic. Those hard to find sounds are all right here in crystal clear HD audio quality. Usher in glad tidings and good cheer instantly with this winter wonderland of sound.
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За релиз спасибо
Character_Voices - ужасно, такое чувство что всех персонажей озвучивал один и тот же человек, что ребёнка, что пьяного Санту, что пожилую Леди.
Остальные звуки вроде норм!
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